Paprika Peanut Milk Chocolate Bar

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Paprika is one of my favourite spices, and peanuts are one of my favourite nuts, so I’m really excited by this paprika peanut bar. It uses my favourite Vietnamese milk chocolate (35%) and is topped with peanuts that have been roasted and coated in paprika. It’s spicy, nutty, crunchy and sweet. In other words, it’s close to perfection.


Milk Chocolate contains minimum 45% cocoa solids and minimum 19.5% milk solids (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk powder, vanilla), Paprika Peanuts (Paleskin Peanuts, Butter, salt, paprika)


100g minimum

Dietary Notes 


Gluten Free

Egg Free

Alcohol Free


Milk, Peanuts, Butter

While we make every effort to keep ingredients separate other recipes are prepared in the same kitchen so there may be traces of nuts, milk, cereals, sesame, eggs, peanuts, celery, mustard