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Naturally strong in flavour and distinctly aromatic, Heather Honey is one for the honey connoisseur. The translucent red amber colour and bubbly jelly-like consistency sets this honey apart. Highly prized for its unique health benefits Heather Honey has been called the 'British Manuka'.

Ling heather thrives in acidic soil that is not found in Sussex so each year we take some of our hives for a late summer holiday from the chalky South Downs to the Moors of North Yorkshire, where they feast on the expanse of stunning mauve flowers.

Our small batch honey is not blended or heat pasteurised, and is only minimally filtered so it retains the benefits that the bees and nature intended.

 We are passionate about our bees. When you buy our honey you can be assured that you are supporting British Beekeeping.

340g / 12oz

Raw honey is not suitable for babies under 12 months.