Chichester Harbour Gin


Wind back to the summer of 2016. We had already decided that our future was making gin. However, whilst paddle boarding up the Emsworth Channel, we were inspired by how beautiful the harbour looked, and decided on our name and theme– Chichester Harbour Gin. From these humble beginnings, things have steadily grown.

We began with a 2 litre table top still, sourced some local juniper berries from a small bush we found on the South Downs and began the flavour development. With this still we tried out many different recipes until we settled on our golden 15 botanicals and the distilling process which we use today!

Having recently launched we have been delighted by the response to our gin. Many of our customers have particularly loved the smoothness and have been enjoying it over ice as a sipping gin. Our favourite way to drink a CHG&T is always a double, with lots of ice, a slice of lemon, a sprig of fresh mint and Indian tonic water.